Posted Oct 28, 2014

CB TJ Carrie, OL Austin Howard, TE Brian Leonhardt and former Raiders LB Sam Williams, with The Clorox Company, spent time with students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary.

The Oakland Raiders and The Clorox Company visited Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Oakland, Calif., as part of a Clorox Clean Classrooms community event. CB TJ Carrie, OL Austin Howard, TE Brian Leonhardt and former Raiders LB Sam Williams spoke with the students about ways to remain healthy throughout the school year, as well as dreaming big and having fun chasing those dreams. The Raiders then took to the field with approximately 200 students to participate in a Gatorade Junior Training Camp.

“This has been an exciting day for the entire West Oakland community and Martin Luther King students,” said the school’s principal Roma Groves. “We are glad that we are able to meet the Raiders and this is something that the kids can aspire to be when they grow up. It’s part of our college and career readiness program that the superintendent has initiated at all the schools, making sure we introduce kids to real, live careers and things they can aspire to be.”

Williams started the program off by reminding the students of the importance of healthy choices to prevent illness to avoid missing school. “Today was a great opportunity for us to partner with The Clorox Company and the whole purpose was to make sure the students and teachers have a healthy school year,” said Williams. “By utilizing the disinfecting wipes and wiping down the classrooms to prevent germs from spreading from student to student…it’s a big thing for this time of year when the weather changes and the kids are spreading germs.”

One of The Clorox Company’s programs is called The Clorox Clean Club. “[The Clorox Clean Club] means washing their hands, coughing in their elbow as well as always sneezing into a tissue, in order to keep them and all of their classmates healthy,” explained Debra Tracey, Corporate Sports Marketing – Management & Operations at The Clorox Company.

And what better way to pass on those messages than three Oakland Raiders? “It’s really great to see. We’ve got TJ Carrie out here, [Austin] Howard and [Brian] Leonhardt out here, and it’s really fun seeing them interact with kids,” said Tracey. “The kids are so cute and so excited that they have the ability to have professional football players come out and not just teach them their skills but to also teach them how to keep healthy just like they do.”Carrie had a blast getting the kids fired up during the assembly and then running around with them doing football drills. “Today was great. They had fun today. We had fun going through drills. It’s been good and exciting for the kids as well,” said Carrie. “They had a great time just coming out here and listening to the instructions that we gave them and going back and forth with being nice to each other, handing each other the ball, and running through the drills and making the most of the opportunity. I enjoyed it myself.”