TJ hosts a skills football camp for youth ages 8-15 every summer in his hometown in the East Bay area of California to honor his roots. The day-long camp gives youth the opportunity to enhance their football skills with the guidance of current and former NFL athletes. They learn drills and practice habits to improve their performance.

But the camp is more than teaching football lessons. It’s about developing attributes that extend beyond the athletic field. What does it take to “Be A Pro”? During the camp, TJ focuses on lessons of discipline, time management, healthy lifestyle, following directions, and respect. It is at his football camp that he is able to share these important messages. TJ hopes that his message, “Be A Pro,” resonates with the kids long after the camp has concluded and they continue to practice these valued lessons. He understands that the kids come to the camp to enhance their football skills, but he also knows that the life skills that are taught will provide them a winning game plan for life.

The chances of achieving my dream of making it into the NFL were very slim after my surgery.  It really challenged me to how hard I was willing to work to achieve that dream.


TJ Carrie