TJ Carrie Invites 1st Grade Class From Santa Rosa To A “Heart Warrior” Build-A-Bear Workshop

Students Build-A-Bear with Carrie, “Stuff” it with a Special Heart and Share “Heart Warrior” Stories During Lunch at Outback Steakhouse

Pleasanton, CA – December 11, 2017

Oakland Raiders cornerback TJ Carrie and his wife Ty’Isha invited 24 children from Roseland Creek Elementary in Santa Rose to a special “Heart Warrior” Build-A-Bear Workshop party in Pleasanton, followed by lunch at Outback Steakhouse. The Carries were saddened by the recent wild fires and reached out to Roseland Creek Elementary to offer some hope and courage. Studies show that children with a comfort item such as a stuffed animal are less shy and more focused than those without one. Experts believe that the item helps the child to feel brave in unfamiliar situations by its presence and because the child learns to interact with the object in a low-pressure environment (teddy bears don’t judge!).

TJ and Ty’Isha were there to greet the children and help each of them select their brand “new” friend that they want to bring to life. Their choices included either a new teddy bear, rabbit or puppy and an outfit to wear, a Raiders uniform, holiday sweater or dress. Next came one of the most important stages in “building their bear”. A special ceremony happens when placing the heart inside. Carrie presided over the ceremony at which time he proclaimed that every child to be a  “TJ Heart Warrior” and encouraged the children to Be Brave, Be Strong, Help Those in Need, and to Work Hard. Together they placed the special heart inside and their friend was brought to life as they proceed to the “stuffing” machine. Following the party, the children went across the street to Outback Steakhouse where they enjoyed a special lunch provided by Outback and visited with TJ and shared their “Heart Warrior” stories.

Thank you so much for organizing the once-in-a-lifetime field trip yesterday for Mrs. Bowman’s first grade class!! The students were over-the-moon excited to meet TJ and his wife, build a bear, eat at Outback Steakhouse and get an autographed t-shirt from TJ. The day just kept on getting better and better! Risa and Jen, who both went on the trip, said that the students were buzzing with excitement on the way home on the bus, and they could hear students exclaiming, “This was the BEST DAY EVER!” We can’t tell you how much TJ’s kindness and generosity means to our students and school. He has made a huge impact on these young people’s lives. It has been a difficult couple of months here in Santa Rosa, and this amazing trip was just what our students needed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jenn Del Rosario, Community Relations Coordinator

Roseland Park School District

Outback Steakhouse has always been committed to being a valued member of our community. Through events both large and small, we provide our food, hospitality, and heart. Allowing our staff and community to come together over a great meal for a great cause. Thank you!

Jason Melgaard, Managing Partner

Outback Steakhouse

Photos Courtesy of Lori Grace, Sand Wave Media