The TJ Carrie Foundation Teams Up With Local Hospitals Connecting Carrie And Patients Using “Let’s Chat” Video Technology

Carrie is Just a Phone Call Away with Revolutionary Chatalyze Technology

Cleveland, OH–January 2019

Cleveland Browns cornerback TJ Carrie launched his “Let’s Chat” revolutionary Chatalyze program with local hospitals this off-season. This is Carrie’s opportunity to connect one-on-one with patients in the hospital through chat sessions that can also include signed digital autographs in real time and the ability to take “screenshot selfies” together. Carrie is excited to be able to visit with children who are experiencing some of the same challenges that he had when he had open heart surgery at age 15 and was hospitalized for two months for recovery. Carrie has a unique relationship with the patients offering empathy as he listens to their fears and uncertainties. His encouraging message of being a “TJ Carrie Heart Warrior” one is who is Brave, Strong, Works Hard, and Dreams Big ~ is relevant to almost any patient in the hospital. In addition to his “Let’s Chat” initiative, Carrie will continue to visit children in the hospital and personally deliver his personal TJ Carrie Heart Shadow Buddies.

Chatalyze is a Silicon Valley-based technology startup. This personal engagement platform allows athletes to personally and easily connect with their fans around the world. This is accomplished through enriched video conference technology, which enables athletes to chat one-on-one with multiple people in a single chat session, sign digital autographs in real time, and take “screenshot selfies”. The goal is to make athletes more widely and personally available to their fans so that fans can experience “magic moments” on a regular basis. For Carrie, this was an opportunity for him connect with children in the hospital who he might not be able to regularly visit.

My surgery brings back a lot of memories because of the scar that I have. The more and more that I talk to the kids that have this procedure, the more I realize how important our scar is.

TJ Carrie

Photo: Courtesy of Mose Denton, Twenty Four Seven Dreams