O U R   F O U N D A T I O N   M I S S I O N


Through health education, mentorship, and support services, the TJ Carrie Foundation is committed to helping youths discover and achieve their greatness, no matter the hurdles they might face.

When the NFL cornerback started his foundation in 2016, TJ’s goal was to help young people struggling with physical challenges, offering encouragement and advice to children and families dealing with health issues. Along with his wife Ty’lasha, the foundation’s mission has grown to inspiring all youths to establish and achieve big dreams.

With signature programs and community events, the foundation provides a platform for TJ to be hands-on and engaged with young people and their families,  helping them overcome their problems and accomplish their goals. The TJ Carrie Foundation’s approach is built on the pillars of faith, hope, courage, and love.

H E A R T   W A R R I O R

D R E A M   B I G

B E  A  P R O

J O I N   U S

Make every failure an opportunity for success; then you will have that opportunity to achieve great things.

TJ Carrie